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Part of our overall package are additional vacation weeks that when we are not using, we will make available those vacation weeks to non-member guests. As much as we would love to have multiple family beach vacations during the year, we end up with additional unused vacation weeks.

The Vidanta vacation experience is solely targeted towards exceeding member’s needs. By making it a member only vacation experience very limited vacation inventory is made available on the open market, or is only made available through other closed membership vacation clubs.

As a non-member wishing to have a luxury beach vacation at a Vidanta resort in Mexico, this is your opportunity to get your next family vacation fulfilled through us. This is where we step in to be able to pass on the member only vacation benefits to you as a non-member, at an affordable price. By working through us our goal is to minimize the third party online booking service fees which can account for hundreds of dollars, which when added to your overall costs makes a luxury beach vacation out of reach.

We are not an agent or part of a travel group trying to sell as many vacations as possible to anyone, therefore our luxury Vidanta vacation weeks inventory is limited, so act fast so as not to miss out on your planned vacation dates. We will work with you and the resorts to get dates that meet your schedules and budget.

At this stage we have focused in on the Nuevo Vallarta Vidanta resort and park complex just north of Puerto Vallarta, but note that the other Vidanta vacation destinations in Mexico are also available on request. 

We have bought into the Vidanta world class vacation experience to have relaxing family beach vacations in all year round warmth and sunshine.

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