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Ambassador Certificates

The Vidanta Ambassador Certificate program gives any non-member family an opportunity to experience a luxury resort vacation at any one of their world class destinations in Mexico. 

Using a certificate will give a non-member a 1 time opportunity to book an 8 days, 7 nights luxury vacation at a heavily discounted rate, at a Mexico resort destination of your choice, in a one or two bedroom suite with a kitchen (or kitchenette). Certificates cannot be used again by the guest.

The Vidanta Ambassador Certificate program is a legitimate promoted program available through us as registered resort members, whereby after an initial contact and obtaining a certificate, you will liaise directly with the Vidanta Customer Care Center reservations team, where all payments are made directly by you to Vidanta. 

As a guideline, the certificate vacation rate is determined by the suite usage fee plus an administration fee applied by Vidanta.

A typical certificate rate for a 1bdr/1bth suite with a kitchen (or kitchenette) for 8 days/7 nights starts as low as $1,700, with a typical certificate rates for a 2bdr/2bth suite with a kitchen for 8 days/7 nights starting as low as $1,900. All certificate program rates are subject to changes by Vidanta and accommodation availability at the resorts.  These rates do not include food and beverages, extra amenities, taxes, gratuities, and service charges.

This Ambassador Certificate program is not available in the State of Iowa, nor to residents of Mexico.

What needs to be done to take the next step towards finding your luxury Vidanta resort vacation.

  • Submit your request and details through the Contact Us form using the Ambassador Certificate dropdown in the Subject field. We will respond to your certificate request to ensure you receive an electronic copy through your email.

  • Visit Vidanta to explore the luxury resorts and destinations, and to see what each resort has to offer.

  • Follow the instructions on the Certificate to select your destination and book your vacation directly through the Vidanta Customer Care Center.

  • Once you have made your reservation provide us with your confirmation of the reservation under this program, we will priority mail the original paper certificate to you. The original paper certificate needs to be presented by the guest at time of check-in, or full resort rates will be applied.

  • Under this program vacations can be booked up to a maximum of 4 months in advance.

  • Under this program the following peak season weeks are excluded: Easter, Holy Week, Christmas and New Year.

  • Check-in dates are Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays or Mondays for an 8 day/ 7 night vacation.

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